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How do you create a thriving, successful practice?

You may be the very best at your craft, but if you do not use the proper techniques for crafting a first-class patient experience, your practice will not be as successful.
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What if every health care practice was based on truth, love, and honesty?

 Gain Practical Insights on Hospitality and Human Connection to Provide High-Quality Care Experiences for Patients and Practitioners
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Dental school did not teach us how to run successful practices.

The patient experience is paramount to building patient loyalty. If you want continual referrals, countless positive reviews, and better results for your patients... you must invest in learning dental hospitality.

Mastering this skill will help you not only serve your patients on a deeper level but also help improve the bottom line of your practice.

Imagine if...

âž” You have a continual stream of referrals from patients who are raving fans.

âž” You have 100+ Five-Star Google reviews, and patients actually look forward to coming into your office.

âž” Your team is happy, and productive, and goes above and beyond to serve each patient.

âž” Your business continually grows and gains recognition due to your impeccable service.

âž” Your patients follow your recommendations and are empowered to take care of their dental health.

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Our group was extremely fortunate to have Dr. Sonick present a 1-day program to our local dental community on Treating People Not Patients. He is a gifted storyteller.  His unique blend of hospitality and clinical experiences gave us the gift of many wonderful life lessons both personally and professionally. His message of human connectivity being one of the most important determinants of our success is powerful.  I wish this was taught in dental school and in my residency. Our audience of over 100 attendees, comprised dentists and their team members who were in unanimous agreement that this was one of the most unique and enjoyable presentations that they had ever attended.

Dr Aleem Manji
Langley Perio and Implants
Langley, British Columbia CANADA

Treating People Not Patients!

Practical Insights on Hospitality and Human Connection to Provide High Quality Care Experiences for People and Practitioners

A place for any Health Care Professional to learn how to combine hospitable touches with a patient-centered experience in order to transform their approach to Customer Service.

This training is perfect for your team.

Here is a suggestion on how to utilize this training for your entire dental staff: 

Print a copy of the workbook for each team member and distribute prior to the meetings. Schedule one meeting a week, month or whatever is convenient for you and your team (we recommend an hour for each meeting)

  • Start off the meeting with something positive.  We often ask each team member to share a win from their personal or professional life.  It serves to some cohesion in your group and begin on a positive note.
  • Watch the video together.  Each video is about 15 minutes in length. 
  • You can use the workbook as a guide for discussion.  I would give the staff 15 minutes to think and fill it out.
  • Spend some time discussing the questions.
  • Create an action plan as to what might be changed, adopted, or created.
  • Plan the next meeting.  Begin the next meeting with a brief discussion of what has changed.

Meet Dr. Mike!

An internationally-known, highly-regarded authority in the field of dental implantology and periodontology.

Dr. Michael Sonick, DMD, is a full-time practicing periodontist and implant surgeon in Fairfield, CT. A renowned educator, author, and clinical researcher, he is a frequent guest lecturer for the International Dental Program at New York University School of Dentistry and the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine, and a former Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery at Yale University School of Medicine.

He is author of the book Treating People Not Patients and the co-editor of the multi-language textbook, Implant Site Development and serves on the editorial boards of numerous journals Dr. Sonick is a diplomate of the  American Board of Periodontology, a diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantology, a fellow of the International Team for Implantology, a fellow of the International Society of Periodontal Plastic Surgeons, and an Eagle Scout.


Learn more about Dr. Mike!

This is for you if...

âś“  You are looking for an avenue toward success that includes truth, love, and honesty

âś“  You are ready to see a shift in the current culture of health care and are ready to make a change!

âś“  You understand the value of hospitality and human connection but need some help incorporating this into your practice

âś“  You recognize the necessity to supplement your skillset by adapting better habits and practices in your care for people


You are simply looking for inspiration to be a better, more caring, more compassionate human being, regardless of whether you are a restaurant owner, dentist, physician, salesperson, or anyone who is involved in the interaction with other humans.

What you'll learn:


The value and importance of integrity and telling the truth in your medical practice


The power of human connection and how to leverage it in your care of peoples needs

Human Relations

The truth that everyone has a story to tell which can unlock the secret of relating with others 


The way to incorporate authenticity into your approach and "Have your outsides match their insides."


What's Included:

  • 9 Modules of Video Content - With 4-5 Lessons per Module, this course is packed with engaging experiences and practical insight from full-time practicing periodontist and implant surgeon, as well as renowned educator, author, and clinical researcher

  • Workbook - You will receive an easy to download Workbook (.pdf), with the purchase of the course; a space to take notes and engage with the course material
  • BONUS Lessons - An entire module full of bonus content, covering topics like "Finding -and being- a Mentor", "Decreasing Tooth Decay" and "Our Hiring Protocol"

  • PDF Resources - Other helpful resources, like "The Little Things" (small things that you can do everyday, that will have a big impact!), as well as "Interview Questions" (a list of essential questions as you begin to establish your team)

  • Receive a certificate with 6 hours of CE credits with AGD upon completion.
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Todd Williams

Healthcare and Hospitality Advisor

Dr. Sonick is that rare individual who serves heart-first, title second. He sees the patient before him as a human... someone who presents more than a clinical need; someone who needs to be addressed as a whole person. With a deep understanding that care is both a noun and a verb, Dr. Sonick puts his patients at ease by delivering the quality they expect, while effectively communicating the personal purpose that drives his work. His humble and genuine approach allows patients to both know and feel they are in the capable, caring hands of a fellow human. This book is an indispensable guide to creating human experiences that foster loyalty, alleviate worry, and lift you far above the competition.

Prof. Saverio Ravazzolo MD DDS

NYU College of Dentistry, University of Genova, Italy

When I first invited Dr. Mike Sonick to lecture at NYU College of Dentistry, more than twenty-five years ago, I immediately realized he was a “great” dentist and a great teacher. We have been sharing the podium and our scientific knowledge since that time and, in the years, I had the privilege to deeply understand, and appreciate, the dedication, humanity and compassion that he applies daily in his work at his dental clinic. He likes to quote what President Theodore Roosevelt said: “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Dr. Sonick’s book is a reminder that taking care of our patients is at the core of any business model, and particularly in medicine and dentistry—something many practitioners seem to have forgotten. With powerful stories from his life and practice, he makes a case for a holistic-driven approach to caring for others, something so many of us sorely need.

Want a Peak Inside?!

Want a peak inside?!

The Power of Hospitality

It’s the little things that make a big difference. Going above and beyond for your patients. Small acts of kindness. At my clinic we strive to make each experience with us special. It’s part of our commitment to give everyone a wow experience—something extra they weren’t expecting.

Crafting An Impeccable Office Environment

Every detail matters when it comes to making your office environment inviting for your patients. From the decor, to the landscape and even your clothing choices... Our surroundings have a significant impact on the way we feel, and that’s especially true in medical and dental offices—places where we are vulnerable.

Quality Service & Quality Care

Each interaction a patient experiences, from the moment they walk through your door to the day their treatment is complete, must be pleasant, seamless, and exceptional. Connecting with your patients shows them that you care and are committed to them and their treatment, which helps them trust you and your care for them.

Providing a Patient-Centric Experience

If your patients are truly going to live healthy lives, you must invite them to take responsibility for their health by helping them understand it. Taking that time with your patients and looking to treat the whole person rather than just the obvious problems is part of a holistic approach that we should strive to provide. Taking the time to educate your patients helps to build connection with them. In turn that connection earns their trust, commitment, and consent.

...But wait, there's more!

As a special bonus, you'll have the opportunity to earn an exclusive Treating People Not Patients Certification showcasing your successful completion of this transformative training and your unwavering commitment to providing exceptional care to your patients.

And the best part? Your accomplishment is just a click away. Download and print your certification, allowing you to proudly display it in your office or add it to your email signature, serving as a constant reminder of your professional growth and dedication to excellence.

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H. Kendall Beacham

Assistant Dean, Linhart Continuing Dental Education Program, NYU College of Dentistry

Mike Sonick has created a book that quite simply is irresistibly compelling. Who would have thought that out of the pen of a periodontist, of all people, would come a piece of work that feels spontaneous, approachable, readable, personable, educational, and inspirational? It is sweeping in scope bringing in findings and insights from his mentors, business leaders, philosophers, and ordinary people. It is practical, providing applications for all types of businesses and individuals. Mike’s book celebrates the axiom that in the end it’s all about relationships, and by the end of this extraordinary story, and that’s what it is, I learned a great deal about relationships, about healthcare, about dentistry, abut Mike, and about myself. This is a book about finding your “unique ability”, and about being honest. Not a bad way to live, and I am happy to call Mike my friend.

Wiley Bell

Partner and Managing Director, Head of the Healthcare Practice, L.E.K. Consulting

I was delighted to read Treating People Not Patients, a book about human connection written by a practicing doctor. I’ve tried to articulate Dr. Sonick’s philosophy to a number of people –my colleagues, my trainees, my office staff, my family, but never in a fully thought-out way. Today, with the pressures of running a business, dealing with insurance companies, the government, HIPPA, OSHA, etc., caring for the person who happens to be the patient can be overlooked. We must not forget that healing involves more than a surgical procedure or taking a pill, it involves a human relationship. This book is a timely reminder to pause and realize that there is a person on the other side of our procedures. Bravo, Dr. Sonick for taking the time to write this. It is a lesson that we can never spend too much time reviewing. 

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