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I recently had the privilege of hosting Dr. Mike Sonick at our award-winning Seattle Study Club of Atlanta and I have one word that describes his lecture – Fabulous!

His full day program, entitled Treating People Not Patients, was unique and based on his 30 years of practicing comprehensive multi-disciplinary dentistry in his state-of-the-art practice in Fairfield, Connecticut.

We were fortunate to have the entire dental teams present including assistants, hygienists and the administrative team. His program covered the necessity of taking care of the entire patient from the first office contact, be it social media or phone call, to clinical treatment. He discussed the importance of providing the basics, especially patient education and connection, if we wanted to achieve comprehensive predictable care.

The program was enthusiastically received. Surveys of his presentation were unanimously excellent with a 100% rating of 5 – a rarity for my study club.

In my opinion, there are few better presenters for a full day of dental education. He is knowledgeable impactful, entertaining and very funny. Most importantly, he is an honest presenter of utmost integrity. Participants will walk away with tidbits they can use the next day.
I enthusiastically would recommend Dr. Sonick for your group, and I personally look very forward to hosting him again in Atlanta, in the near future.

— Colin Richman DMD, Director, Seattle Study Club of Atlanta, Roswell, Georgia

Dr. Michael Sonick recently spoke to our study club for a full day. His topic was “90 Seconds to 90% Case Acceptance: Diagnosis, Treatment Planning and Delivery of Comprehensive Dental Care.” His presentation was unique and invaluable.

Most speakers share their expertise in one of two domains: clinical or managerial. They focus on treatment planning and execution or management of patients, staff, colleagues, and office function. Dr. Sonick ranged between both, sharing his encyclopedic knowledge of human nature, interpersonal relationships, diagnosis and treatment planning, periodontal and implant surgery, and restorative and prosthetic rehabilitation. He based his talk on 30-plus years of experience in practice combined with an encyclopedic knowledge of dental, psychological and sociological research.

Dr. Sonick is an insatiable student and brings decades of learning from a wide range of dental, interpersonal communication, self-mastery, and entrepreneurial sources to his seminar. He is transparent about his successes and failures. His delivery is riveting and often very funny. He never loses his audience.

Dr. Sonick’s mission is to enrich the lives of the people he encounters by discovering and becoming who they are and who they want to be, whether as patients, students, colleagues or friends. His seminar achieves that goal.

— Dr. David Rosania, Seacoast Dental Study Club, Portsmouth, NH

Dr. Sonick is an exceptional clinician and teacher who has both the surgical skills and humble demeanor that allows him to share his expertise in a very organized and efficient manner. I salute him for all the efforts and contributions he has made to our field.

— Dr. Michael Pikos, Oral Surgeon, Director
Pikos Implant Institute, Palm Harbor, FL

I have known Dr. Sonick for over 30 years and always enjoy his thoughts on restorative and implant dentistry. Mike has a no-nonsense approach to his thought process and challenges his audience to think and make better treatment decisions. He is an outstanding clinician. I wish he would move to California!

— Dr. Curtis Jansen, Prosthodontist, Author & International Lecturer, Monterey, CA

I have been fortunate to have taught with Mike at New York University as well as internationally. Mike is a talented practitioner in the areas of periodontics, esthetics, and implant dentistry. He is a wonderful and enthusiastic teacher who shares his knowledge freely. His comprehension of prosthetic dentistry allows him to communicate all aspects of implant dentistry to surgeons and restorative dentists alike. Taking a course with Michael will expand your knowledge and understanding of implants, and he will leave you yearning to attend the next course.

— Dr. Stephen Chu, Prosthodontist, Director, Advanced and International Continuing Dental Education, New York University College of Dentistry, New York, NY

We had Dr. Mike Sonick lecture to our study club and I have to say Mike has it down to a science. He can captivate the audience with the perfect integration of clinical relevance and tangible ways we can improve our treatment of patients on a daily basis. His cases are outstanding and his subtle “words of wisdom” sink in, leaving the attendees ready to apply his teachings the very next day. Thank you, Mike!

— Bradley McAllister DDS, PhD Portland, Oregon

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mike Sonick since 1993. Mike is not only a great dentist, but a great teacher and communicator as well. He is a great person. His teaching center is making a significant contribution to continuing dental education worldwide. It is my hope that many dentists will take advantage of his teachings. I know that his courses are inspiring, for he has been an inspiration to me. 

Dr. Newton Cardoso, Director, New Clinic, San Paulo, Brazil

Dr. Sonick is a master clinician and an outstanding teacher. Interacting with Mike at his teaching facility, NYU, or anywhere he teaches, is a treat and experience not to be missed. His programs are enlightening and will inspire you to become a better dentist. 

— Dr. Maurice Salama, Founder, Dental XP

I have spent over 20 years of my career in some form of education and have seen and heard hundreds of professional speakers (both motivational and educational). I have had the pleasure of working with many of the brightest minds within our industry and can confidently state that Mike Sonick is one of the best speakers/educators I have ever worked with - period.

Mike is a true educator. Mike is enthusiastic and has great subject matter. However, that is not what makes him unique. He has the innate ability to teach and not just talk to groups. His ability to transfer his wealth of knowledge to attendees without appearing arrogant or over the top is a rarity. What is more impressive is Mike’s ability to read the room and to personally connect with each of his attendees as both mentor and educator. Mike realizes that not everyone learns the same way. He goes above and beyond to understand the different learning styles of his students and reach all of them.

Mike also has the capacity to take complex topics and explain them simply. To quote Einstein, “Genius is making the complex ideas simple, not making the simple ideas complex.”   Mike simplifies the complex, and he does it with charisma. His vast knowledge coupled with his down-to-earth presentation style, enables him to clarify and teach techniques seamlessly. Mike is a remarkable storyteller and leaves his audiences captivated and starved for more. In short, Mike’s presentations are extraordinary. In short, he is one of the most captivating, insightful educators I have had the privilege of seeing.

— Ken Varner, Director of Medical Education, ZimVie Dental

I have known Mike, both personally and professionally, for more than 35 years. Throughout that time, he has earned my respect as a colleague, clinician, lecturer, and teacher with extraordinary capabilities. He truly deserves the respect he has earned with the educational programs offered through his successful study club and the educational opportunities offered through his teaching center. 

Dr. Stephen Wallace, Periodontist, Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Implant Dentistry, Columbia University, New York, NY

I have known Mike Sonick for over 35 years. He is an accomplished clinician, an enthusiastic educator and somebody worth spending time with if you want to improve your knowledge of implant, cosmetic periodontics, practice management and all aspects of clinical dentistry. His program will leave you enthusiastic to get back to the office! 

— Dr. Jeff Shapiro, Cosmetic dentist, Visiting lecturer, New York University College of Dentistry, New York City, NY

Mike is an expert clinician and can extend his clinical expertise to the classroom where he lectures both nationally and internationally. He has contributed extensively to literature and is a treat to watch. You will not go away disappointed. See him!  

Dr. Cyrian Evian, Periodontist, Acting Head, Department of Periodontology, University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Michael Sonick is the real deal. His clinical skills are top-notch. As the consummate educator, Dr. Sonick enlightens those he teaches systematically yet entertainingly. 

— Dr. George Priest, Prosthodontist, Director, Priest Prosthodontic Productions

Mike Sonick has emerged as one of the most exciting speakers on Implantology and Periodontics. His training center is clearly state-of-the-art, and I would highly recommend his program for any clinician wanting to take it to the next level. 

Dr. Steven L. Rasner, General practitioner, Author and International Lecturer, Director

Thanks for a tremendous experience. Your facility is superior, and your staff was extremely gracious. Your accessibility and demeanor made this the best CE experience of my career. 

— Dr. Steve Katz, Former Dentist, New York Jets, Malverne, NY

Dr Mike, I just want to drop another note of thanks for our serendipitous meeting through your seminar two weeks ago.
I am joyously “working” my way through your book (which should be required reading for every private practicing dentist). Our biographies are similar (even the same dental school). Your insights have opened so many new or renewed thoughts about how we should view our relationships with our patients and our team members. It has also lead me to other thought influencers in the realm of “hospitality” (Danny Meyer and Tiffani Bova, to name just two.) It has been truly a Scrooge-like epiphany into how I need to change my operating basis even in these later stages of my career.
So again, thank you!!!

— Dr. Kevin Norige, South Windsor Smiles

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