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With this PDF, we will discuss the benefits of a thorough hiring process.

Having a thorough process ultimately saves time and money while providing peace of mind. I know everyone on my team has the skills and drive to accomplish what needs to be done, and I know that new hires will likely be satisfied with their role as well.

In dental school, we were not taught how to grow our businesses and deal with people

You may be incredible at your craft, but if you have not mastered the art of hospitality, your patients will find another provider.

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Want to reconnect with WHY you became a healthcare professional in the first place?



Ready to BREAK the status quo of patient care in your industry?



Do you want your patients to become raving fans and ENJOY coming to see you? 


You have the power to change the culture of healthcare.

It's not just about growing your practice; you probably entered this field because you wanted to make a difference and care about people. In the midst of sharpening your skills and staying up to date with new information, it's easy to forget why we became dentists in the first place‚ÄĒto serve others.

Dr. Sonick is committed to transforming the culture of healthcare. Having opened his own practice four decades ago, he has developed a best-in-class clinical practice.

In this program, he shares both the successes and failures that have shaped his journey, realizing the importance of treating people, not just patients.

Treating People Not Patients

 A video program that teaches the PEOPLE skills that will create loyal patients, raving reviews, and employees who will stick with you for years.

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What's Included:

  • 9 Modules of¬†Video Content¬†- (VALUE - $1,500)
    With 4-5 Lessons per Module, this course is packed with engaging experiences and practical insight from full-time practicing periodontist and implant surgeon, as well as renowned educator, author, and clinical researcher

  • Workbook - (VALUE - $150)

    You will receive an easy-to-download Workbook (.pdf), with the purchase of the course; a space to take notes and engage with the course material

  • BONUS¬†Lessons¬†- (VALUE - $300)
    An entire module full of bonus content, covering topics like "Finding -and being- a Mentor", "Decreasing Tooth Decay" and "Our Hiring Protocol"

  • PDF Resources¬†- (VALUE - $50)
    Other helpful resources, like "The Little Things" (small things that you can do every day, that will have a big impact!), as well as "Interview Questions" (a list of essential questions as you begin to establish your team)

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Meet Dr. Mike!

Michael Sonick DMD, is a full-time practicing periodontist and implant surgeon in Fairfield, CT. A renowned educator, author, and clinical researcher, he is a frequent guest lecturer for the International Dental Program at New York University School of Dentistry and the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine, and a former Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery at Yale University School of Medicine.

He is author of the book Treating People Not Patients and the co-editor of the multi-language textbook, Implant Site Development and serves on the editorial boards of numerous journals.   Dr. Sonick is a diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, a diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantology, a fellow of the International Team for Implantology, a fellow of the International Society of Periodontal Plastic Surgeons, and an Eagle Scout.

Are you ready to grow your practice through hospitality?